Jet Lag

Discover the most effective ways of reducing jet lag at Petter Pharmacy.

Each one of us react in a different way when travelling to a different time zone. If you are travelling to a destination where the time difference is greater than three hours; there’s a high possibility that you will suffer from jet lag. If you are a frequent flyers, you should learn how your bodies deals with long-haul flights. We provide travel medicine in our clinic that may help you cope with jet lag.

Our expert Travel Health Advisor will guide you to the best actions that can help you overcome this re-adjustment period quicker.

How you get Jet Lag?

According to the NHS, “Jet lag occurs when the body has to adapt to a new light-dark schedule and normal daily routine after crossing several time zones”. Therefore, working against your body clock which is designed for a regular cadence of daylight and darkness. On a long flight your body clock is disturbed and can take several days to re-adjust. It has an impact on people of all ages and its signs and symptoms are indigestion, drowsiness and continuous exhaustions.

Symptoms of jet lag

The symptoms of jet lag can vary from person to person.

Other symptoms

Other symptoms of jet lag can include; indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, feeling disorientated, anxiety, irritability, memory problems, clumsiness, confusion, sweating, muscles soreness and/or irregular periods.

How we can help?

A tablet that you would take at night is form of a hormone that is naturally produced by the brain in the evening that tells you to go to bed. Hence taking the tablet would mimic your body and help you sleep at night.

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Did you know that jet lag can be controlled?